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Our references

Pride in a job well done


Lachaumette Chaput makes its experience available to companies, professional organisations and state institutions for the interior planning of their headquarters, offices, conference rooms, canteens and more.


Lachaumette Chaput has extensive expertise in the area of interior planning projects for hotels, including their reception areas, bedrooms, suites, spas, and restaurants. We love crafting beautiful creations and work regularly with premium establishments and luxury hotels.

Private homes

Our track record includes prestige apartments, mansions, villas and castles. Lachaumette Chaput works for private individuals too – on new or old buildings and handling renovation work as well as creation from scratch. We are available to work in the Paris region and other parts of France as well as in other countries.

But also...

We’re so versatile that we can work in a wide range of areas. For example, we’ve also carried out the interior planning for gastronomic restaurants, luxury boutiques, shopping centres and event venues.


At Lachaumette Chaput, we have over 80 years of experience studded with some of the most emblematic creations that form the basis of our reputation. Browse through our history to go back in time and experience some different architectural styles!
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